ANS Welcomes Publication of New Encryption Export Control Regulations

January 13, 2000

ANS members welcome the publication of regulations implementing reforms to the encryption export controls announced by the Administration last September. These reforms are extremely important to our continued leadership in international markets.

We will be working closely with the Administration during the coming months regarding the implementation of these regulations. We hope that most networking products will be qualified as “retail.” We also hope that the Administration will be flexible in permitting reporting of sales to telecommunications and internet service providers that are tailored to current business models, as promised.

We would like to thank those in Congress who have lead the encryption export control reform efforts, especially to Representatives Bob Goodlatte and Zoe Lofgren. We also want to express our appreciation to the many members of the Administration who participated in a mutually beneficial dialogue with industry. Many of our recommendations have been included in these regulations, and we appreciate the Administration’s commitment to consider further formal comments in May.

ANS members are 3Com, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, NetScreen Technologies, Network Associates, Nortel Networks, Novell, RedCreek, Secure Computing and Sun Microsystems.

For further information, please contact Roszel C. Thomsen II
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