Thomsen and Burke LLP was established in 1947 and provides international trade and investment counsel for technology companies. Our primary focus is the national security-based controls affecting the aerospace, electronics, computers, information security, life sciences, and telecommunications industries. We also provide administrative support with respect to all facets of export administration and compliance under the applicable U.S. statutes and regulations and various multilateral export control regimes. Our Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC offices are located for easy access to government entities and technical advisory committees.

We provide legal counsel concerning the following statutory and regulatory regimes:

  • Export Administration Act and implementing Export Administration Regulations (EAR) administered by the Department of Commerce
  • Arms Export Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) administered by the Department of State
  • Trading with the Enemy Act, International Emergency Economic Powers Act and implementing asset control regulations administered by the Treasury Department

We provide assistance in developing and maintaining compliance programs and other activities related to:

  • Establishing internal procedures for export compliance
  • Developing export compliance program manuals
  • Training for key employees
  • Internal audit
  • Litigation assistance

We provide administrative support including the preparation, filing, monitoring and auditing of:

  • Export License Applications
  • Commodity Classification Requests
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Requests
  • Advisory Opinions
  • Internal Control Programs, Export Management Systems and Audits

We provide legislative advocacy before Congress, including:

  • Drafting of testimony for presentation to Congressional committees
  • Analysis of legislation currently pending before Congress
  • Tracking and reporting with respect to legislative developments
  • Facilitation of lobbying efforts by corporations and trade associations

We represent clients before Regulatory Advisory Committees, including:

  • Computer Systems Technical Advisory Committee (Commerce Department)
  • Regulations & Procedures Technical Advisory Committee (Commerce Department)
  • Telecommunications Technical Advisory Committee (Commerce Department)
  • Defense Trade Advisory Group (State Department)

For a copy of our full engagement terms, including our policy on records retention, please contact Terri Pugh at Terri@t-b.com.