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International Trade and Investment Counsel for Technology Companies

Our Team

Thomsen and Burke LLP was established in 1947 and provides international trade and investment counsel for technology companies. Our primary focus is the national security-based controls affecting the aerospace, electronics, computers, information security, life sciences, and telecommunications industries. We also provide administrative support with respect to all facets of export administration and compliance under the applicable U.S. statutes and regulations and various multilateral export control regimes. Our Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC offices are located for easy access to government entities and technical advisory committees.


  • Roszel C. Thomsen
  • Toni Paytas
    Antoinette D. Paytas
  • Maher M. Shomali
    Maher M. Shomali
  • Wesley A. Demory
    Wesley A. Demory
  • Brenda Boyer
    Brenda Boyer
  • Theresa Pugh
    Theresa Pugh
  • Heather Green
    Heather Green
  • George E. Thomsen
    George E. Thomsen
    Of Counsel
Thomsen and Burke LLP

International Trade and Investment Counsel for Technology Companies

Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC

P  410.539.2595
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