Antoinette D. Paytas


Thomsen and Burke Partner Antoinette D. Paytas (Toni) Has Retired

January 9, 2024 – Thomsen and Burke LLP wishes long-time partner Antoinette D. Paytas (Toni) well in her retirement at the end of December 2023. After working for several small defense contractors, Toni attended law school at the University of Maryland. While still in law school in 1995, she began at Thomsen and Burke LLP as a Law Clerk, rapidly becoming a valued and dedicated team member, and was promoted to associate and ultimately to partner. The firm is grateful for Toni’s many contributions and technical insights, as well as her rapport with clients. Partner Roszel Thomsen says, “Always insightful, precise and practical, Toni’s counsel to the firm’s clients generated admiration and loyalty. All of us strive to emulate her sage advice, and we will miss her wisdom, experience and collegiality.”

The firm welcomes her clients to reach out to Thomsen and Burke partners.