ACI’s 11th Annual Advanced Forum on Global Encryption, Cloud & Cyber Export Controls to be held virtually on March 17, 2021

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash

The American Conference Institute’s 11th Annual Advanced Forum on Global Encryption, Cloud, and Cyber Export Controls will be held in a virtual, one-day format on March 17, 2021. Registration is open. Topics will include China Compliance and Supply Chain Dilemmas; EU’s Dual-Use Rule: Modernization, Simplification Mechanisms and New Human Rights Considerations; Intrusion Software, Secondary Encryption Keys and EU008; the Impact of India’s GAICT and SCOMET; new BIS Restrictions on Exporting “Critical Technologies” to Russia, and Special Considerations for Military End-Use/User and License Approvals; and more.

This unique, comprehensive, and practical forum also offers new interactive, peer-to-peer sessions. For a detailed agenda or to register, please visit:
Please mention Registration Code: B00-885-2923594.